CassaNova Designs

Cassie reproducing Pink FloydEverything Cassie makes is hand-crafted and custom made in the USA.

Cassie also does custom art pieces in a variety of mediums. Everything from hand painted wall decor, quill paper art, block printing, jewelry, hand-knitting, and much more! She is also the go-to person for repairs in anything from jewelry to a carved jade dragon.

Please see Cassie's work here, or email Cassie for a custom piece -

Breast Cancer Awareness Watch

Breast Cancer Awareness Watch - lightweight aluminum kingmail watchband
with sliding bar closure and sterling silver pink ribbon dangle - $45 + shipping

Cassie's Art

top:Depiction of "The Great Wave of Kanagawa" by Fugaku Sanjuokkei
middle: jade sculpture repair
bottom: hand knitted socks

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